Why is Tomorrow the Busiest Day of the Week

If you really want to you can read this article later!

Procrastination, or the thief of time, is the art of convincing ourselves that we can put something off until tomorrow.

We all do it, but why?

People procrastinate on things they’re anxious about, consciously or unconsciously.

Procrastination may be caused by fear of failure/imperfection/rejection/pain, feeling overwhelmed, and having conflicting emotions, among other things.

But we all do it. If we were to do a pie chart of our life, procrastination would take a large slice.

To stop ourselves feeling guilty about putting things off we busy ourselves with other things.  I’ll just sort my desk or my e-mails and then I can start with a clear head, I’ll just check that the others are OK, teamwork is important. I really need more information before I can start and so the excuses build. Oh, and there’s Facebook; isn’t that cat funny.

We also often self interrupt ourselves, we are searching for that e-mail we need to respond to and on the way, find something much more exciting.  And so, 35 minutes later we remember that important difficult task we are trying to avoid.

But the guilt plays with our mind and we go home frustrated about the number of things we haven’t achieved.  And it gets worse, the things we have put off are even more difficult tomorrow.

“The worst form of procrastination is reading a procrastination article, feeling the guilt and not doing anything about it.”

So how can we break free from being a procrastinator?  Or shall we consider this later?

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