Someone Moved Our Cheese

So, there we all were on New Years Eve looking forward to the new year. Brexit was done, remember that, the future looked settled and rosy. We were all very content with our lives.

Then someone moved our cheese.

Ken Blanchard inspired his friend Spencer Johnson to write the story of how we cope with change.  Who Moved my Cheese became a best seller in the late 90’s.

If you read the book then its time to re-read it, if you didn’t then order your copy now.

It’s a very clever thought-provoking and enlightening book which tells the tale of how four different characters cope when they are faced with sudden change..  During the story you can watch how the little characters react and you can reflect on how you and others match their behaviours.

In this current Corona Virus crisis we can see these different behaviours characterised in ourselves, our teams and families.  And learn the lessons that Spencer Johnson outlines:

           Anticipate Change

           Adapt to Change quickly

           Enjoy Change

           Be ready to change quickly, again and again.

Post Corona what will the new ‘normal’ look like, your new cheese?  What do we want it to look like?  How can we ensure that we don’t fall back into the ‘old’ ways of working?