E-mails and Homeworking

The written word is the worst form of communication. Research by Prof. Albert Mehrabianwhen shows that when it comes to effective communication the written word contributes about 7%. Tone is 38% and Body Language is 55%.

When working from home e-mails are the easiest way to communicate but it also the worst.  They are so easily misinterpreted, mis-understood, or not even read, and we carry on in the belief that everything we have said in our e-mail is totally accepted. We then get frustrated and angry when the recipient has not followed the instructions or not even responded.

We need to be aware that if a message is important it should be done face to face (via video) or at least by phone. It takes time but it will save time in the long term.

Do not use the Corona Virus as an excuse not to communicate properly. Today Emotional Intelligence is more important than ever and it is very difficult to show you have empathy via e-mail.